Hydraulic scissor lift and hydraulic cargo lift are two popular models for lifting goods. However, how do we choose from them? Now let us introduce their main differences, we believe they can give a clear comparison.


1. Lift Structure

Structure is the main difference between this two kind of lift platform. Main structure of cargo lift platform is guide rails and platform. Guide rails only can be vertical. Main structure of scissor lift platform is scissor structure, which can be opened and closed.


2. Pit requirement

Usually cargo lift elevator is fixed on ground floor directly. We will make a ramp with the lift together, which is convenient for loading and unloading. However, it also is ok if client prefer to make a pit for installing cargo lift, the pit depth just need t be 180mm-200mm.

But for most of scissor lift platforms, they have to installed into a pit. The pit depth is different according to the self height of machine, which usually is from 400mm to 1100mm.  However, there is a special model in scissor lift platform, that is scissor dock lift. This model also is named low profile scissor lift, which self height only is about 150mm, so it can be fixed on ground floor directly.


3. Stability

If scissor lift platform is installed without any guide rails, its stability is not as good as cargo lift, which is decided by their structure. As scissor structure has a certain amount of bias in the process of rising and falling. So usually, if lifting height is more than 3000mm height, and platform will go through a shaft hole, we will add guide rails with scissor lift to ensure its best stability in running.


4. Lifting height limitation

For vertical cargo lift, its max. lifting height can be about 30 meters. Its max. Lifting height will not be limited by platform size and load capacity.

However for scissor cargo lift, usually its max. Lifting height will not be more than 10 meters. Its max. Lifting height will be limited by platform size.


Above is the main similarities and differences between cargo lift elevator and scissor cargo lift. We believe you know them better now and can do better choice. If you are still confused, just send us your requirements, let us help to choose the most suitable solution. No matter which kind of lift platform, all of them have same and the best quality.